The future belongs to those who adapt and innovate,
and it is clear that Hispanic Gen Zers are shaping the course of the retail industry

Why is Hispanic Gen Z the future of brand
growth For Nike?

They Represent the Future of Consumers

58% of the projected population growth over the next 5 years will emerge from the Hispanic segment.
By 2028, 21.2% of the U.S. Gen Z population will be Hispanic.


Source: Claritas

Their Buying Power Creates An Impact

Their buying power will reach approximately $2.6 trillion by 2025.
Embracing this pulsating market can unlock fresh adventures, collaborations, and lifestyle innovations.

Source: Insider Intelligence
They Are A Rapidly Growing Target Audience

They are one of the fastest-growing population segments with 89% growth between 2000-2023.
Any company marketing to U.S. consumers would be ill-advised to ignore this population segment.


Source: Claritas

Our goal was to go beyond the statistics, and dig deeper into what makes Hispanic Gen Z such a
dynamic and opportunistic demographic in their own words.

Hispanic Gen Z is using their voice online to make
noise, and they are eager for Nike to listen.

What are the top 4 ways for Nike to activate the
power of Hispanic Gen Z, based on their perceptions
of the brand?

By analyzing nearly 2 million online conversations among the Hispanic community over the last
three years, with a focus on Hispanic Gen Z, we’ve uncovered the drivers that go beyond
transactional and align with their cool, trendy, and innovative lifestyles.

Prioritize Authenticity and Alignment: Creating a Personalized Relationship

Hispanic Gen Z’s perception of Nike in the shoe and apparel category is polarized, and their negativity toward the brand has remained consistent (39% on average) over the past three years. However, this presents an exciting challenge: by understanding their values, cultural nuances, and desire for personal connections, Nike can establish a personal connection that goes beyond transactions and will drive long-term loyalty and advocacy among Hispanic Gen Z.

Understand Evolving Values: Addressing Corporate Citizenship

Hispanic Gen Z is becoming increasingly focused on how brands align with their values and interact with social & cultural movements. Compared to the past three years, they are asking almost 3x more questions about Nike’s role as a corporate citizen and how the company is elevating their role in social or cultural matters. By actively engaging with these topics and showcasing the brand’s commitment to different causes, Nike can establish a strong bond with Hispanic Gen Z and earn their loyalty.

Amplify the Conversation: Leveraging Online Engagement

Hispanic Gen Z is a generation that has been raised online yet they are currently under-indexed in online conversations about Nike, making up only 5% of discussions among the entire Hispanic community, even less than Hispanic millennials (7.5% of discussions). To truly connect with this audience, Nike must increase its share of voice in online discussions. By leveraging digital platforms, influencers, and engaging content formulated for Hispanic Gen Z, Nike can capture the attention and spark conversations among the opportunistic segment.

Focus on Fashion, Innovation, and Accessibility:
Implementing The Winning Combination

Fashion takes center stage for Hispanic Gen Z, who prioritizes trendy and fashionable clothes and shoes. Nike can align with this desire by tailoring messaging strategies to focus on their stylish and innovative products that cater to Hispanic Gen Z’s unique tastes. Additionally, affordability is a key factor for Hispanic Gen Z, as they are almost 2x more price sensitive compared to Hispanic Millennials and overall Hispanics, making budget-friendly options essential to winning over this audience. Striking the right balance between style, innovation, and accessibility are key to tapping into Hispanic Gen Z.

Hispanic Gen Z’s Reasons To “Buy or Bye” From Nike

Conversations mined over the past 12 months ending in June, 2023

Targeting Hispanic Gen Z is an imperative for Nike to secure its future success. By recognizing the power and influence of this dynamic segment, Nike can position itself as a brand that understands, values, and embraces Hispanic Gen Z’s unique identity.

Get ready to embrace the Hispanic Gen Z revolution and make some noise in the retail market.


How does Nike’s performance among Hispanic consumers stack up against competitors?

Top Drivers For Nike And Competitors Among Hispanics

Conversations mined over the past 12 months ending in June, 2023

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