About us

How do we start the process?

The process begins with an initial one-on-one conversation with us. You'll get to know our team, and we'll learn about your burning questions. Then we’ll craft a tailor-made research proposal based on your needs.

Are you a subscription platform?


No, our data is curated on a per-project basis that is entirely unique to your
company’s needs and asks.

What makes your data unique?

We integrate traditional research surveys with data analytic tools and the guidance of Subject Matter Experts, not only to deliver actionable insights, but also to reveal the stories they tell.

Who’s going to work with me?


Someone will be working with you through every step of the way - between
our onboarding team starting off the process, our account executives
communicating with you throughout, or our data storytellers curating insights
specific to you - you’ll be supported each step of the way.

How do you identify segments?


Our segments are identified through their own self-identification in their
conversations and public profiles. We promote data privacy by avoiding the mining and collection of personal information that could identify an individual.

Where does the data come from?


The data primarily comes from our proprietary algorithm that mines and
analyzes all public domain conversations while remaining GDPR-compliant,
and is then cross-referenced with our other research and analytics tools.

How do you form your insights?


Our insights that are specifically curated for your needs are created by our
team of data analysts and storytellers by combing through the aggregate
data and giving it a voice.

What is a ‘human’ story?


A ‘human’ story begins with a set of data where our team of analysts identifies patterns and behaviors. We then bring humanity back to the numbers by telling an insightful story representing an actual population segment.

What does the end result look like?


The end result of the data comes with an interactive Google Data Studio
dashboard, a password protected website, a PDF-style report, and a
presentation to your team.

What if you can not answer my question through big data methodology, do you have any other resources?


Yes, Human Dot Plus also partners with other agencies such as Suzy and Global
Web Index to help answer all of your questions.


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